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Hello, my dear gaming friends today we talked about the Tc Lottery App. Tc Lottery app is an online gaming platform for colour prediction gaming or India’s most popular colour prediction gaming app. With the 26 best online games, you can earn money through the best win-go colour prediction games in this apk.

Apart from earning from games, you can also earn through gift codes in your TC lottery app. It is very easy to recharge or withdraw in this apk. So download this apk now on your smart or iOS device.

TC Lottery
TC Lottery Referral CodejlQR93463138

Gift Code In TC Lottery App:

Your gift code option in the TC lottery app will result in many gifts. Through this, you will meet another person who uses the TC lottery apk. Just like any of your friends will recommend the gift code of this apk, you have to just enter this code in the gift code option and submit it.

If you submit your recommended code as a gift, you will get higher rewards. This is how you can make your wallet strong by earning from your friend-to-friend reccomendation.

Tc lottery App

Recharge And Withdraw In TC Lottery App:

To recharge and withdraw, it is very important to first link your bank account with this APK. After that, you can recharge your wallet very easily by going to the recharge option and simply filling in the recharge amount.

Tc lottery Login

Or you can withdraw the money by checking your wallet and entering the required amount to withdraw. So the minimum withdrawable amount is 200 rs in this apk.

Tc lottery Withdrawal

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Available with amazing features, give this app space in your Android and iOS devices now. Because this app is safe and secure don’t worry about this.

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